Community Based Rinks

Community Based Rinks During the warmer dehumidification season, most community rinks are required to maintain space humidity levels below 40F dewpoint in order to limit condensation and fogging.

Indoor Design Conditions: – Space Temperature = 55°F – Space Relative Humidity = 50°F

 Large Venue Facilities (greater than 4000 Spectators) Start-of-Game (Bowl Conditions) – Space Temperature = 60°F – Space Relative Humidity = 40%RH – Space Dew Point = 35.6°F – Humidity Ratio = 30.7 gr/lb

End-of-Game (Bowl Conditions) – Space Temperature = 65°F – Space Relative Humidity = 40%RH – Space Dew Point = 40.1°F – Humidity Ratio = 36.7 gr/lb

NHL Memorandum

The temperature and humidity levels need to be controlled and must be achieved and stabilized at least 3 hours before game-time. The following are temperature and humidity levels that must be maintained in all buildings throughout the Playoffs.

 1) Air temperature must be stabilized at 60ºF, and in no event should go higher than 65ºF.

2) Humidity levels must be at less than 45% RH.

 Furthermore, though most air conditioning systems remove moisture from the air, air conditioning alone may not remove enough moisture from the air to produce acceptable humidity levels. Therefore, your building may be required to add a portable (desiccant) dehumidification system in order to be able to reach the required levels.

 Colin Campbell NHL’s executive vice-president and director of hockey operations March 2004