Product Description

Instead of using natural gas to reactivate the desiccant wheel, Munters’ FreeDry™ unit uses waste heat to dry the Munters’ desiccant wheel.

FreeDry™ combines advanced low temperature desiccant technology with refrigeration based technology to provide a dehumidifier that can supply and maintain a low dew point in the space at a very low operating cost. In addition, the FreeDry™ system provides lower leaving temperature in the summer to minimize the load on the ice sheet.

The system can be sized to handle the outdoor air requirement of the facility and can provide modulating or demand control ventilation. In non-ice event mode, the system can provide cooling and heating to maintain more traditional space conditions.



Product Information



• Significantly lower
operating costs
• Optional pre-cooling
• Cool supply air
(< 70ºF)


FreeDry for Ice Arenas Product Guide