Indoor Pool Dehumidification
Summary of Critical Design Parameters

Design temperature approximately 2
higher than water temperature
 Design relative humidity 40-60%
 4-8 Air changes/hour
 Design space pressure slightly negative
Design 0.5 CFM/sq. ft. deck and pool area
 “Wash” exterior walls and windows with supplied conditioned air
Introduction of fresh air, in a controlled manner, will positively control
indoor pool humidity when it is most important:
WHEN IT IS COLD OUT and when building structures are coldest and most susceptible for condensation formation


Key Advantages

Increased fresh air (12500 CFM)
Lower compressor run time (off 75% of the time)
Higher capacity when cold out (most important during cold outside conditions)
Better construction
– Lower corrosion issues
Compressors isolated from pool air
More reliable with lower cost to operate
Mfg. and service close

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Product Guide
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Efficiency HCU / Mech
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