Desiccant systems are suitable to any facility where humidity control is required or where the ratio of latent to sensible cooling load is high. Desiccant dehumidification has successfully helped Supermarkets to eliminate frost build-up on frozen foods, freezer case coils and freezer case doors; reduce sweat on refrigerated cases; significantly reduce electricity usage; and maintain a more comfortable shopping environment.


Supermarkets use an enormous amount of energy everyday controlling their stores’ temperature and climate. Reducing the amount of humidity in the air will substantially drop operating costs and create a more pleasant store environment. Desiccant dehumidification can help reduce or eliminate excess moisture and related problems in the building.

Code Issues

ASHRAE 62 design standard requires a minimum of 15 cfm per person of outdoor air to provide proper indoor air quality. Unfortunately, outdoor air is laden with moisture. If the moisture is not addressed it can lead to high space humidity levels, mold issues, and a damp uncomfortable environment for customers and employees.

The Desiccant Solution

Munters has been utilizing desiccant technology for over 70 years to control humidity in a wide variety of applications. The heart of the system is the HoneyCombe desiccant wheel. This dehumidifying wheel acts like a sponge, adsorbing moisture from the air, enabling commercial buildings to maintain the desired humidity levels.


– Improve IAQ – Controls odors, mold and mildew – Prevent Liabilities – Reduce Operating Costs – Reduce Energy Consumption – Ensures more precise temperature and humidity control – Customer & Employee Comfort