DryCool™ HD

Product Description

Create a more comfortable space environment with the 120 pints/day, 250 cfm DryCool™ HD. Utilizing environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant, the DryCool™ HD provides maximum dehumidification while using less energy than any other comparable system.

The Munters DryCool™ HD unit provides dehumidification unlike any other small space dehumidifier. Unlike most competitors that deliver hot dry air, the DryCool™ HD uses a revolutionary combination of desiccant technology coupled with traditional refrigeration to dehumidify any space with cool, dry air.

By maintaining the space relative humidity between 40% and 60%, you can create a healthier indoor environment.

Maximize comfort
» Avoid cold and clammy conditions; keep cool and stay dry
Improve Indoor Air Quality
» Mold, viruses, bacteria not allowed to flourish
» Fresh air can be safely introduced
Save energy
» Properly controlled humidity allows homeowner to raise thermostat in summer
» DryCool™ HD saves 50% energy compared with traditional dehumidifier
» DryCool™ HD does not add a heat load to existing A/C
» Delivers dry, cool air instead of hot air



Product Information



• Affordable
• Uses environmentally
friendly refrigerant R-
• Compact size for
installations in small
• Prevents mold and
• Total indoor air quality
options available


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